Soldier commits suicide after Army wives bullied her, told her she should die

The parents of a US Army Soldier are claiming that their daughter took her own life due to cyber-bullying from military spouses.

21-year-old Private Nicole Burnham had been stationed in Colorado for only a month when she was found unresponsive at Fort Carson last week. Rushed to the post hospital, she was later pronounced dead.

According to her mother, Stacey Burnham, Nicole was suffering from depression and anxiety, which were treated by the United States Army.

However, Stacey believes the suicide likely stemmed from extensive battering and bullying her daughter received while she was stationed in Korea- bullying from military wives, to be exact.

“She endured months of battering and bullying from wives of soldiers [while] she was stationed within Korea,” Burnham said.

To make matters worse, Burnham claimed her daughter made the Army aware of the harassment but felt the Army did not take the filed complaint seriously.

“She posted on social media some of the things that these women said to her–like she deserved to die.”

On Thursday, her body was transported to Denver International Airport, in preparation for her final flight to her home in Minnesota.

According to KOAA, Mrs. Burnham claimed she had questions to ask the Army in regards to her daughter’s death, but did not want to make them public as of yet.

“We’re meeting with investigators there.  And I feel like if I put something like that out there, we might not get the answers.”

Fort Carson would not comment on the ongoing investigation, offering only the standard press statement as a response.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Pvt. Nicole Burnham,” the Public Affairs release read. “We have felt this unexpected and tragic loss across the entire Stagecoach Battalion, and our prayers and condolences go out to Nicole’s family.”

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