Soldier claims she was assaulted during Army Physical Fitness Test for wearing Nikes

A US Army Soldier claims she was assaulted for wearing Nike shoes during a Army Physical Fitness Test, and took to Facebook to complain about it.

Maggie Cuevas was allegedly attacked by a passing driver during her APFT run, pelted with water bottles, trash and other items.

“I had my Army Physical Fitness Test today,” she wrote on the 5th of September. “The two-mile run is on a trail alongside a busy road. A car pulled up next to me during my last half mile and started throwing trash, water bottles, and even an ice box at me while yelling, ‘F*** your Nikes!’”

A native of Puerto Rico, Cuevas was confused as to why someone who seemingly had an issue with the Nike Colin Kaepernick campaign -and it’s alleged disrespect towards soldiers- would express those issues by attacking a soldier.

“Some people believe that Kaepernick is disrespecting military service members when he kneels during the anthem,” she wrote. “Some people believe Nike is also disrespecting military service members by making Kaepernick their new face for Nike. Are those the same people who assaulted a military service member while I was maintaining my physical readiness for their freedom? Is that how they respect the military?”

The female soldier wrote that she will always stand for the National Anthem, but will also support the rights of those who protest.

“I always stand for my anthem, and I will also stand in support for those who kneel because that’s what it really means to fight for freedom,” she wrote.

Her post would later report that the vehicle circled several times prior to the attack, and that she in no way condones blaming “white people” for the incident.

Not only did I not get a good look at the person who did it, I don’t think they can represent an entire group- The same way that some military service members are not offended with peaceful protests should discredit the general statement that protesting during the anthem is disrespectful to the military,” she wrote.

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