Soldier who busted ‘Dallas gunman’ in Afghanistan says Army should reopen case

Micah Johnson Afghanistan (Courtesy photo)

Two US Army soldiers who served with Dallas Gunman Micah Johnson say they feel the Army should open an investigation surrounding Johnson’s removal from Afghanistan in 2014.

US Army Reserve Sergeant Mark Wallace and former Sergeant Gil Fischbach, who were in Afghanistan with Johnson, went into detail of how Johnson stole underwear from Sergeant Ana Christine Ma.

Sgt. Ma had previously reported her underwear missing from her laundry, which prompted unit leaders to search the barracks.

“We discovered that there was a stash of women’s underwear in his room. And as we discovered it he, of course, jumped into the room, swooped them up and put them in his hoodie in his front pouch, which added to the bulk that was already there,” Wallace told NBC 5.

Oddly enough, Johnson took off running after being confronted, resulting in an elaborate game of hide-and-seek on the contained grounds of the now-defunct FOB Shank.

“We start looking in the dumpsters, we start looking in all the latrines and the showers, and we found one pair – one or two pairs – that he had attempted to kind of flush down the toilet,” Wallace said.

Johnson was eventually located and the Army determined in report form that Johnson “took underwear” from Sergeant Ma’s laundry bag. The report also said that Johnson sent messages to Sgt. Ma that “constitute sexual harassment.” Previously, Johnson and Ma had been friends, though both soldiers later told investigators that their friendship had run its course prior to the incident.

Army investigators had also discovered an unauthorized hand grenade in the barracks where he lived.

Micah Johnson Afghanistan (Courtesy photo)
Micah Johnson Afghanistan (Courtesy photo)

Johnson was placed on watch and given two days to pack before sending him home, though he showed no remorse before he left.

“He blatantly, like even the next day, was like, ‘No, they’re lying. They’re lying about all of it. They’re making all of it up.’ And it’s like, ‘Dude, like we caught you doing this. We caught you red-handed doing this,'” Wallace said.

Despite having a grenade, stealing underwear, hiding from his commanders, prompting a search and attempting to destroy evidence, Johnson was given an honorable discharge after being sent home.

Now, two NCOs in the unit -one current and one former- want to know why he was given an honorable discharge.

“I want them to thoroughly investigate. I want them to figure out and I would like to see someone held accountable,” said Fischbach.

While the Army has yet to respond to NBC 5 investigators, an Army spokeswoman released a statement last week noting that a subsequent review of Johnson’s military record “has not identified any documented acts of violence.”

Interestingly enough, the recommendations of the Army investigator who initially looked into the incident around two years ago have been redacted from the copy of the report that was given to media.

Despite Johnson’s experience with the Army, his two former comrades think linking his Afghanistan experience with his heinous act in Dallas is a stretch.

“You take that to, ‘I want to kill white police officers.’ How do you tie those things together? It’s inconceivable,” Wallace said.

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