Soldier beats his wife during argument with women over parking spot

A US Army soldier based out of Georgia went on a completely unacceptable public rampage while in uniform, going so far as to threaten bystanders and make violent physical contact with his wife.

The entire affair, it seems, was over a parking space.

The incident took place outside of the mall in Savannah, and involved a soldier identified as Chance Johnson, who serves as a tank crewman.

Johnson can be seen on two separate videos screaming at both his wife and a group of women, the latter of which were reportedly waiting for him to back out so they could park.

“I was waiting on a parking spot,” one woman said.

“I was waiting on a parking spot,” he repeated mockingly. “You’re in the way of my g*ddamn car!”

When the women continued, the Johnson screamed at them.

“Shut the f*ck up” he bellowed, removing his blouse and throwing his sunglasses to the ground as a security vehicle with flashing lights slinked away from the area.

When his wife tried to hold Johnson back in an attempt to calm him down, he grabbed her arm and forced her into the trunk area of his car.

“And this person has the nerve to serve our country,” on woman exclaimed.

“F*ck your country,” the Johnson replied, shoving a stroller into the trunk.

While his uniform lacked a combat patch, his unit patch identified Johnson as a member of the 3rd Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart. He hails from Greenville, Tennessee, as evidenced by his license plate and information taken from his social media profile, which has since been taken down.

According to a statement from Hunter Army Airfield officials, Fort Stewart officials have been made aware of the incident and are “working with the appropriate civilian and military authorities to address the incident.”

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