Soldier who baptized soldier who drowned says he is losing his career

Marcus Rogers
Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers (Facebook)

Facebook famous preacher and Army Staff Sgt. Marcus Rogers announced Monday that he is getting a divorce and losing his job with the Army.

Rogers, who has amassed more than 480,000 followers through his fire and brimstone sermons, says his marital problems have become irreconcilable.

The Christian Post reports in typical fashion, Rogers made the announcement via Facebook.

“So it hurts me to say that I will be going through a divorce, at the same time I am ‘losing’ my job with the Army. It has been a long time coming,” Rogers said in the statement, which The Christian Post reports shocked his Facebook flock.

“The Bible says how can two walk together unless they agree, and the fact is where I am going, I am going alone. We don’t agree on the direction of my life. The more I try to keep it together the worse it gets,” he said of his relationship.

“I have been trying to hold on to something that was never meant to be in the first place,” he explained.

And while some of his followers took to the comments to scold Rogers for posting his personal decision on Facebook, The Christian Post reports Rogers’ feels his posting is appropriate since his ministry was born on social media.

“I only shared this because me and God made an agreement before He ever gave me this ministry and following. I have to follow it. It was literally how this platform was built. I hope I can help others through my mistakes and show them the wiser way, which was never done for me as a young man. To be clear we are going our separate ways because we simply do not agree on moving forward and how it should be done and what guidelines to follow in the word,” he said. “I know what God has called me to do. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, because you couldn’t stop God from doing what He was going to do with me no matter how much you don’t agree.”

Rogers is no stranger to controversy. He’s been known to speak out against gays and his ministry came under scrutiny when a soldier he was baptizing subsequently drowned after the ceremony in September of last year.

“Look at the gay people just trying to invade everything. The devil’s voice is loud and clear,” Rogers said in a Facebook post.

When Fort Campbell Army Specialist Dhaifal Ali died following his baptism, Rogers again spoke out on Facebook posting, “my heart is so broken” and urged people to pray for Ali’s “children, his wife and our unit as a whole.”

Ali was Iraqi born, but moved to the United States to serve in the United States Army. Ali’s body was found in the same river that his baptism occurred.

The area where Rogers conducted the baptism was listed as off limits to soldiers by Fort Campbell due to the flooding. “All bodies and streams of water on FT Campbell are off-limits for unauthorized water sports and activities,” the base stated. 

Fort Campbell will only say the circumstances surrounding Ali’s accidental death are under investigation, and The Christian Post doesn’t clarify why Rogers is “losing” his Army career.

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