Soldier accused of oral rape in car outside of nightclub in Texas

Jeremiah Rajahn Holland

Jeremiah Rajahn Holland and an accomplice approached a woman leaving a nightclub in 2018, convincing her to allow them to give her a ride to her vehicle.

As they walked to the parking garage, Holland began groping the woman. When she protested, Holland laughed at her.

According to KXAN, the victim got into the vehicle with the two men, where Holland ordered her to pleasure him with oral sex. When she refused, he grabbed her head and forced her to do so, eventually penetrating her against her will.

During the encounter, the victim was afraid she would be killed and later claimed that she complied in order to survive.

The victim was then driven to her vehicle, where she was dropped off. A rape kit test was performed the following day.

When police asked the woman for information on her rapist, she positively identified Holland, and a subsequent collection of his DNA, which matched with DNA found during the sexual assault evaluation.

Holland has been charged with second-degree sexual assault and is being held on $75,000 bond.

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