Soldier accused of murdering her husband made disturbing posts after his death

SPC Kemia Hassel (left) and US Army soldier Jeremy Cuellar (middle) were having an affair before allegedly killing Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III (right).

The deadly love triangle between three US Army Soldiers that ended in the murder of one has new developments surrounding the murder, with focus on some disturbing social media posts made by the servicewoman accused of killing her husband.

Kemia Hassel, who is accused of helping her lover, Jeremy Cuellar, in the killing of late husband Tyrone Hassel III on New Year’s Eve of 2018, made headlines in the curious case involving three servicemembers.

Mrs. Hassel’s displayed odd behavior following the murder, even while staying with Hassel III’s father in the aftermath of the murder.

“I didn’t know of her as that person. Obviously, none of us knew her, including my son.” said Tyrone Hassel Jr.

The widow stayed with her father-in-law for nearly two weeks after the funeral, and was driven to the police station by the father after he found out she may have partaken in the killing.

“He (a detective) was like ‘Mr. Hassel, go home and get some rest because she’s going to be a while,’” said Hassel Jr. “And instantly my stomach… I just got sick.”

A review of Mrs. Hassel’s Facebook page revealed two weeks of disturbing posts following the murder.

“Everyboy keep telling me to be strong, but I don’t wanna be strong!!” she posted on January 5th. “My husband was the strong one!! So now… what I’m supposed to do?”

“Our son about to be 2 and you not here with him.”

“I owe you another baby,” she wrote in another post, showing a picture of the couple when she was pregnant. “We needed a girl.”

“I just wish I was dreaming,” she wrote on January 12. “I’m not trying to blame myself.”

Both Hassel and Cuellar are facing charges in the state of Michigan, but could eventually face a court-martial. While Michigan has banned executions, military courts could suggest assignment to death row.

“I would just like justice to be served. I won’t say that I want death penalty. I won’t say I don’t. I will say I just want justice to be served. I will let God make that decision.” Hassel Jr. said.

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