Soldier accidentally slaps daughter of British Sergeant Major while saluting Queen

YouTube video

It’s one of those moments that will last forever, at least for 6 year old Maisie Gregory (and one unfortunate Welsh Regiment soldier) it will. While wearing her traditional Welsh dress, the adorable tot is seen handing a posy of flowers to Queen Elizabeth II.

In this video taken by a reporter for the Western Mail newspaper, you can see Maisie curtsy in front of the Queen, but when the soldier standing right next to her goes to salute the Monarch, he smacks the girl in the face sending her little black bonnet right off.

According to the Daily Mail, the young girl was seen holding her face after the slap, but her mother reassured the soldier that she was fine.  There’s no word yet however on how her dad, Royal Welsh Sergeant Major Martin took it.

Queen Elizabeth II was in Cardiff, Wales to present new colors to the Royal Welsh Regiment.


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