“Sniper of Mosul” kills ISIS executioner seconds before he beheads boy

An alleged photo of the "Sniper of Mosul" killing and ISIS member trying to slaughter the teenager in downtown Mosul.(Twitter/@walaa_iq313)
An alleged photo of the “Sniper of Mosul” killing and ISIS member trying to slaughter a teenager in downtown Mosul. (Twitter/@walaa_iq313)

Iraqi residents of the city of Mosul have dubbed a new gunman -who has struck fear into the hearts of ISIS fighters- the “Sniper of Mosul.”

The brave sharpshooter has been waging a one-man war on the jihadists in the under siege city of Mosul.

Sick jihadis had gathered for the execution of the teenage boy who was accused with supporting resistance movements within the city in Iraq.  As the executioner took aim to behead the boy, the sniper opened fire – blasting the monster and killing him, according to Fox News.

The teen boy was eventually shot by another ISIS fighter despite the sniper’s timely shot that saved him from being beheaded.

According to Al Sumaria News, ISIS fighters were terrified after the sniper’s attack and they began opening fire randomly as they panicked.

Some believe the sniper and “mysterious death squads” are actually western special operations forces, such as the U.S. Navy SEALS or British SAS.

Iraqi news outlets say the kills associated with the lone gunslinger may actually be the work of many snipers.

The guerrilla war being waged against ISIS within the city of Mosul has expanded beyond snipers.  According to the Daily Star, women in burqas have also been part of their campaign, gunning down ISIS commanders at checkpoints using pistols hidden beneath their veils.

On Tuesday, The Iraqi counter-terrorism commander, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, announced that 70% of eastern Mosul has been liberated from ISIS and anti-terrorism forces were now five miles from the center of the city.

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