Smoking hot Marine sergeant who struggled with pull-ups maxes out PT score

A US Marine NCO who struggled with pull-ups has finally made her goal, showing off a perfect 300 PT score to all her fawning followers on social media.

Previously featured in a Popular Military article addressing the USMC’s failure to meet personnel retention goals, Sergeant Joubert quickly became a favorite among readers, despite her challenges with pull-ups.

Joubert expressed a bittersweet desire to leave the Marines, following the completion of an eight-month extension.

“I can’t even imagine going back to a civilian life. I love this, but as badly as I don’t wanna be done with it after my 8-month extension, it seems like there’s always something in the way whenever I try to control my career,” Sergeant Joubert wrote on Instagram in October.

While Joubert previously managed to get close to maxing out on pull-ups, she never quite met the standards, even among her 29,300 Instagram followers.

That all changed recently, when an updated fitness test score revealed that she got a perfect 300 score on her Physical Fitness Test as well as her Combat Fitness Test.

It is unknown if Joubert will change her minds about leaving the Corps, but at least she has a great addition to her military personnel file.


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