Smoking hot Israeli soldier performs “Kiki Challenge” with a bang

An ex-Israeli Defence Forces soldier-turned model cranked up the decibels on the “Kiki challenge,” dismounting a vehicle with style to Drake’s “In my Feelings.”

Kosher brunette bombshell Orin Julie made the rounds with her take on the controversial challenge, which involves getting out of a moving vehicle and dancing. Needless to say, the act has been banned in several jurisdictions.

Julie stepped it up a notch by deploying a Tavor bullpup (the go-to rifle of the IDF) and firing five shots, clearing the weapon before shaking what her mama gave her.

The video has surfaced -on her Instagram- amid controversy over the “Kiki challenge,” as Israel has asked two fashion labels to pull ads referencing the challenge, in fear that young people will behave stupidly in traffic.

Julie appears to be on a firing range, therefore making this latest display less of a “disruption of traffic” and more “the sexiest vehicle contact drill of all time.”

According to Tablet:

“When the time came for Orin Julie to begin her mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces, she requested to serve in a combat role. When she was given a desk job instead, she fought the system, continuing to harangue her commanders even after her father passed away and a cushy assignment close to home would’ve appealed to many other soldiers. Julie wanted to give her all, and in August of 2013, a year after she joined the army, she was finally transferred to a prestigious search and rescue unit. It was there that she had her first serious experience—and infatuation—with the two forces that would shape her future: firearms and social media.”

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