Smoking hot, fit Marine NCO still struggles with Marine PFT pull-ups

In light of lofty recruiting goals, higher fitness standards and gender integration, the US Marine Corps says it is falling short due to retention of the force.

According to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Corps has the “youngest population” but “highest turnover,” with nearly 60.4 percent of the Corps in the rank of E-5 and below.

For one Marine Sergeant, she says she is planning on getting out of the Marine Corps after the completion of her eight-month extension.

“I can’t even imagine going back to a civilian life. I love this, but as badly as I don’t wanna be done with it after my 8-month extension, it seems like there’s always something in the way whenever I try to control my career,” Sergeant Joubert wrote on Instagram last month.

While Popular Military is not familiar with her career, she expressed her frustration with not being able to max out her PFT due to pull-ups. Last year, female Marines were required to complete pull-ups instead fo the flexed arm hang- seven being required for 17-21 years to max the test.

In March, Sergeant Joubert, said “6(ish) motha freakin pull ups, THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME.”


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In June, she came close to maxing out the pull-ups but they were not quite to Marine Corps standard.


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With over 38,500 new recruits needed to fill in the gaps left by exiting Marines, Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) is looking to be a potential issue- can people pass the physical fitness tests?

“This is the largest requirement in a decade, and the mission must be accomplished notwithstanding significant headwinds,” Commandant of the Marine Corps General Robert B. Neller wrote in an October memo.

According to the Marine Corps Times, the issue is further complicated by the fact that 75 percent of American youth are physically and mentally unqualified for military service, leading to a shrinking talent pool.

With higher physical standards coming into play post-gender integration, even actively-serving Marines are often struggling to meet standards.

In addition to being shot in overall force numbers, Marines are critically short of Special Duty Assignments (SDA), which include recruiter and drill instructor billets.

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