Six things guaranteed to piss off combat veterans

Here are some tips for those who think all of us are the nicest heroes that you see in Budweiser Superbowl commercials. In reality, especially for those who spent 20+ years in the military, the civilian world can incite some “not so nice” emotions.

6. People who cannot park or drive


5. ‘Tacticool’ civilians

“I was going to sign up but….”

Air soft

4. Crowded areas

Large Crowds

3. Unexpected loud noises

Loud Noise

2. Stolen Valor

People falsely claiming military awards or badges they did not earn, service they did not perform, Prisoner of War experiences that never happened, and other tales of military derring-do that exist only in their minds.

Stolen Valor

1. People who refuse to work

Sorry, we went to war so we will never feel sorry for you if you don’t get off you ass!

EBT Card


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