“Six Days in Fallujah” video game is under fire by critics again as it is about to released on PC and console

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A video game that has been shelved for some time is about to finally hit the stores- and some want it to try and stop it again.

“Six Days in Fallujah,” AKA “SDIF” or “6DF,” was initially slated for release in 2010 under the gaming powerhouse known as Konami, but was shelved by the company after a slew of complaints in 2009.

Based on the 2004 Battle of Fallujah, the game follows six US Marines from the 1st Marine Division’s 3rd Battalion, as they try to stay alive over a six-day period.

Following the game’s initial release announcement, British war veterans and anti-war groups created enough controversy online to get Konami to pull the plug.

At the time, Atomic Games president Peter Tamte addressed the allegations that the game was “political.”

“As we’ve watched the dialog that’s taken place about the game, there is definitely one point that we want people to understand about the game,” he said in a 2009 interview with Joystiq. “And that is, it’s not about the politics of whether the U.S. should have been there or not. It is really about the stories of the Marines who were in Fallujah and the question, the debate about the politics, that is something for the politicians to worry about. We’re focused now on what actually happened on the ground.”

Now, over a decade later, the second attempted release is facing criticism- and Tamte, who is now head of Victura, is once again having to put out the same fires that sparked up in the past.

Almost all the outrage I’ve heard are from people who were not in Fallujah,” Tamte stated, noting that the game was based off of firsthand veteran accounts. “I think we live in a culture where we feel the responsibility to defend people, whether they want to be defended or not, on social media, and I am sure that there are people who are in Fallujah who will be offended.”

Highwire Games, according to Tamte, is “not trying to make a political commentary about whether or not the war itself was a good or a bad idea.”

According to NME, the game will be released for both PC and console.

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