Shocking video: Iraqi security forces execute young boy


A leaked video shows Iraqi security forces executing a young boy in Diyala province.  The video shows a young boy in handcuffs around a group of Iraqi army soldiers in Diyala province.  After the soldiers beat and tortured the Sunni child they executed him with a barrage of bullets from their AK-47s.

Saadoun, the director of the Iraqi Human Rights Observatory, said that the forces that have appeared in the video is the Iraqi security forces, though the scene is in the eastern region of Iraq in Diyala province.  Saadoun condemned the brutal handling by the security forces with a minor child, and said that “the child participated in operations against the Iraqi army against civilians, but this does not justify his execution in this way, and all international laws and Iraq does not give the right to one of the execution of a minor” (translated from Arabic).

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