SF Airman tells giant veteran “I’ll beat the f**k out of you” then hides in car

An alleged retired airman created quite the scene outside of an entrance gate to Camp Bullis, which is primarily used as maneuvering grounds for U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines combat units, late last month.

The recorded confrontation begins between the retired airman and an on-duty Air Force Security Forces (SF) airman working at the US Army installation’s gate.

“What are you going to call SAPD [San Antonio Police Department] bro?” said one of the men recording the incident to the SF airman.

“Shut the f**ck up,” the airman said in response, which apparently enraged the retiree.

As he approached the driver’s side door of the SF airman’s vehicle the SF airman asks him, “what? Are you going to hit me?”

“No I won’t hit you, airman,” said the retiree. “Come on, bring it, that is called communicating a threat you stupid f**k,” the retiree responded.

The young SF airman was then submitted to a tirade from the retiree and his companions who were armed with cameras.

“They don’t even give you ammo; you’re such a piece of sh*t,” said the retiree.

Seemingly fearful of a possible altercation that he was partly responsible for starting, the SF airman rolled up his window, refrained from further communication and eventually left the area in his vehicle.

As he left, the retiree screamed and whistled. “Come get your boy,” he yelled. “You stupid f**k.”

A civilian police officer assigned to the base approaches the scene with a Sergeant Asato after an undetermined amount of time but quickly leaves after the retiree attempts to provoke him.

YouTube video

“I want to speak to that airman’s boss,” he said. “You’re not in his chain of command; you are a civilian.”  After disregarding the retiree’s requests for action to be taken against the SF airman for “communicating a threat,” the civilian police officer returned to his vehicle.

“I was wearing that uniform there before your momma f***ed your daddy,” he said as the police officer and Sergeant Asato left.

Popular Military has yet to make contact with U.S. Army Public Affairs to request a statement about the incident.

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