Veterans’ costumes are guaranteed to offend; don’t act surprised

With a sense of humor often that seems to offend the sensibilities of regular people every other day of the year, it’s no surprise that veterans and military personnel would raise some eyebrows during Halloween.

Utilizing creative costumes that range from politically incorrect to downright unacceptable at your local college, these wild and crazy trick-or-treaters know how to really get under peoples’ skin- and have fun doing it.

“With Halloween swiftly approaching I was curious what people were thinking about wearing. I just found my costume, the JAGERBOMBER!!!!” – Adam


Don’t forget your smokes at home on Halloween….or your kid


“A Trunk-or-Treat kicked off festivities at Camp Casey’s Gateway club for costumed children, who, after filling their pumpkin-shaped baskets with candy, headed to Camp Mobile to visit the haunted barracks.” – Camp Casey Public Affairs

Soldiers wait for the children to arrive in their haunted barracks in 2012. (Who really thought this was a good idea?)

“It’s really all about how you utilize your down time…work is only a nightmare if you make it that way.” -Nick


Does stolen valor apply on Halloween?


“The child in the display has a knife in its back and one of the figures holds a sign that is not legible in the photo. Fort Campbell Public Affairs said they are aware of the display and have since had it taken down from the yard. Brendalyn Carpenter with Public Affairs said they received a report of a Halloween decoration that was “offensive in nature” and contacted authorities to investigate. The occupant was informed of the concerns made by the community and removed the display.”ClarkesvilleNow (2014)


British soldiers are some sick puppies sometimes… (British Paratrooper at a barracks Halloween party in 1991)


“Shots fired, Navy” (Cadets at Virginia Military Institute in 2004)


“Last evening a Soldier attempted to gain access to Fort Bragg through one of our access control points…The Soldier was dressed as a suicide bomber with simulated explosive vest. The incident resulted in an emergency response, EOD clearing the entire scene and an extended closure of a gate. Although the incident remains under investigation, initial reports indicate it was a Halloween costume.” -Fort Bragg PAO (September 15, 2015)


Aaron, an Army Infantryman in a unit and base we won’t mention, mastered the “Dependa” costume!


One of these is a man, can you tell?

This originally appeared on Popular Military in 2016

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