Servicemembers angry about being denied healthcare procedures after soldier brags about his transition being paid for

A US servicemember transitioning from a biological male to a “woman” bragged about all of the surgeries being covered on social media— all while many veterans struggle to get testosterone injections covered by Tricare.

The video, filmed by Inevitable_Bites and ripped by LibsOfTikTokOfficial, showed a servicemember.

“Tricare has basically been updating and updated their policies over the last couple years,” the servicemember, who is a US Army Staff Sergeant awarded with a Combat Infantry Badge and has the alt account SSGMycrow_Alt, posted on the Inevitable_Bites account in August of this year.

The SSG explained that it was a lengthy process to go through all the government red tape to get the altering and cosmetic surgeries to address the SSG’s gender dysphoria.

However, many of the commenters on the LibsOfTikTok Instagram weren’t thrilled.

“Meanwhile Tricare won’t help with infertility for active duty women or spouses,” wrote Stellar_Dnice. “Priorities are f*cked.”

“My father was a Marine Vietnam veteran,” added brionna_blair78. “He was in-country, on the ground for two tours that he VOLUNTEERED FOR. He died of cancer 13 years ago because the VA would cancel appointments, reschedule appointments and not tell us, delay, delay, delay. And this man with mental illness gets a damn face-lift?!?”

“We pay for this with our taxes,” firesidefairytales_ chimed in. “Meanwhile, our government wouldn’t cover illnesses from mold, burn pits, infertility issues, long term care, testosterone replacement, procedures they deem as unproven, homeopathic/naturopathic medical care, alternative treatments for cancer and so much more.”

Other male veterans complained that their testosterone replacement therapy, treating a condition that some studies have associated with both Traumatic Brain Injury and other combat-related trauma, is not covered.

“But if I as a man need testosterone to help with low T, or something of the nature… it’s not covered,” Jordanlakdw wrote. “Insanity.”

In 2013, “gender dysphoria” was released with the DSM-5 update to replace “gender identity disorder,” no longer treating the issue as a mental illness.

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Three years later, the United States Department of Defense Directive 1350.2, the United States Department of Defense Military Equal Opportunity Program, was updated under the Obama Administration to include gender identity.

In 2021, Army directive 2021-22 was updated to allow transgender-identifying individuals to openly serve in the US Army.

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