Service members could lose leave days

Marines from Company I, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, say goodbye to their families at Victory Field before leaving for Afghanistan Oct. 5. While deployed, the battalion will be responsible for maintaining security in the country as well as helping to build infrastructure for the local populous. Photo Credit: Cpl. Nick Dunn

Service members will soon be forced to use or lose any saved leave days in excess of 60 days.  On Oct. 1st troops will no longer be able to keep 75 days of leave.

In 2008, Congress approved the temporary increase to 75 days as many troops were facing long deployments without the opportunity to use leave.  The policy was extended in 2013, but now after the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have seemingly ended, the policy was not renewed.

Soldiers could potentially loose leave days they did not know they even had.  According to the Army’s personnel division, “the number of use/lose leave days listed in their leave and earning statement (LES) use/block is incorrect.” DFAS has not stated whether this affects more than just the Army, but soldiers could have up to 15 more use-or-lose leave days that are not listed on their LES.

According to Stripes, DFAS will have the glitch in the system fixed by July.  Service members may have to wait three months to have their LES updated, but any leave earned during long deployments will not be affected.




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