Service member under fire for Tik Tok video showing attack on US base in Afghanistan

A social media app that mines for personal data and has ties to the Chinese military has been banned across most of the US Armed Forces- but further guidance may be required after video from a combat zone appeared on the app.

The footage, which was later shared to Reddit, showed a 20mm Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) Intercept Land-based Phalanx Weapon System being used, with the location reported to be in Afghanistan.

The C-RAM was allegedly being used against Taliban-launched indirect ordnance, and was filmed by @egiven.

While @egiven has only six videos, the user has millions of views and over 192,300 followers.

Given that TikTok is tied to the Chinese government, the datamining app is also connected to the armed political wing of the Chinese Communist Party- the People’s Liberation Army.

TikTok h0932as already been banned on US government devices by the Pentagon, and the majority of branches within the US Armed Forces have banned the app. Even the US Air Force, which has yet to ban TikTok, admits it is a threat to security.

While the Pentagon hasn’t banned the app on personal devices, officials have encouraged personnel and their kids to uninstall the app.

Thanks to @egiven, we may now know why.

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