Serial killer trying to make deal to be buried in military cemetery

A self admitted serial killer, wanted for murders in Texas and Oklahoma, is trying to cut a deal with prosecutors, so he can be buried in a military cemetery.

Accused serial killer William Reece told his attorney he’d like to “spend eternity in the company of America’s heroes.”

Reece once served in the Oklahoma National Guard, which could make him eligible for a military burial. However, if he’s convicted of a capital crime or receives a life sentence, that would disqualify him.

William Reece led police to the remains of two women, Jessica Cain and Kelli Cox, who were long-time missing.  Reece is also the suspect in two other open cases.

Anthony Osso, Reece’s lawyer, says the only way his client could receive a veteran’s burial is if he doesn’t get sentenced to life or death. Osso says,”…it seems like he wants to hold on to that one part of his life where there was some honor… If we negotiate cases resulting in a number of years, whatever that number is, as high as it is, as long as it is not life, then he gets his veteran’s burial on his death.”

In other words, even if Reece is sentenced to 200 years in prison – and not life — there is a possibility his wish can come true.

According to ABC 13, Reece recently led authorities to the bodies of two women he murdered about 20 years ago. Apparently his declining health was a motivating factor.

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