Senior enlisted soldier says women should swallow their own puke before dating military men

Source: TikTok

A senior enlisted officer took to TikTok to bash the men in the armed forces, saying they are not worth being in a relationship with.

Sergeant First Class Brown, 39, who recently accepted a commission to be a warrant officer, posts about her life in the Army on TikTok but only has a few thousand followers.

Most of her videos only receive a few hundred to a couple of thousand views, but when she took to TikTok to trash the men in uniform, she received over 300k views.

“For civilian women who are looking at military men to possibly date, I’m going to give you some rules to help you out,” she said.

“Rule number 1, get your paper ready,” she continued.

“Don’t, you would rather throw up in your mouth and swallow it back down. Don’t do it.”

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Sergeant First Class Brown currently serves in the Louisiana National Guard and deployed with the 82nd Airborne at one point, based upon her uniform insignia.

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