Security camera captures Fake Navy SEAL being thrown out of a bar

The following incident occurred a few weeks ago when a drunk man stumbled into Robert Schram’s bar.  Robert claims the man was not known by anyone in the bar and had been asking people for free drinks and handouts all night.

According to Robert, when the drunk man was kindly asked to leave “he bowed up on my friend and stated ‘I was a SEAL and served six years you piece of shit.’”

As seen in the video, Robert quickly pushed the man to the front door of the bar and forced him to leave.  Robert’s father retired from the Army, served in Vietnam and his grandfather fought in WWII, so he does not take kindly to people who falsely claim valor.

Rob stated, “I am not normally an aggressive individual but some things I will not stand for”

He went on to say that there was no physical contact after the fake Navy SEAL’s “obvious bluff was called” and he was removed from the bar.

Rob’s bar is named CrossRoads Bar & Grill and is located in Schuyler, New York at the intersection of Herkimer rd. and Dyke rd.  He would like all veterans to know they have an open invitation to his Fourth of July party.

The Cross Roads Bar & Grill’s official address is 2284 State Route 5 Utica , NY 13502.



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