Second shooter involved in Orlando massacre theories debunked

Investigators from the office of the medical examiner investigate on the west side of Pulse nightclub.

Witness says helped gunman keep people in the night club

Conspiracy theorists went straight to social media after hearing witness reports of a man blocking a possible egress route from the Pulse nightclub during the deadly shooting in Orlando Sunday morning.

A man did block the a “employee only” door at the nightclub, but his intention was not to help contain the club-goers for the gunman. The conspiracy theorists spread a video of a witness testimony about a door being blocked apparently being “cut-off” while on live TV, which they believe was intentionally done to suppress the report.

In reality, the door-blocker was Luis Burbano who was interviewed on an ABC News Special Report (below). 

YouTube video

Witnesses report hearing a second gun

The “second gun” theory has been widely spread but most witnesses are just that -witnesses, not gun experts. In the video below, a witness describes “hearing” another gunman but not ever seeing him.

With a barrage of gun fire and their echos in a chaotic environment, it is very difficult to determine the source of the noise.

YouTube video

Conspiracy theorists point out what they believe is a second gunman heard during the shooting in the video below.

The problem with there theory is the sound of the second gun is significantly different. The sound comes from outside the building -the echo is not suppressed- and is much louder, suggesting its source is much closer to the camera than the gunman.

Orlando Police Department even tweeted, “Alert: Rumors of multiple shooters are unfounded. The one shooter, Omar Mateen, is dead” to contest the rumors.

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