Sailor with coronavirus comes forward to let others he may have come in contact with know

A US Navy Sailor based out of California was diagnosed with COVID-19, and he’s telling the world about how it affects him.

Nick Moore has been busy on Facebook since Sunday afternoon, talking about how he discovered he was infected.

“I got my results back just a little big ago. Doctor called me, and I have tested positive for COVID-19 or the coronavirus,” said Moore.

The Sailor emphasized that there is no reason to be scared, but that it is important to limit exposure and notify others you’ve come in contact with.

“No reason for me to panic,” he said. “Of course, it’s a little bit scary. My body’s going to fight it … This is the best way to let people know who have been around me that I do have it. So if you have been in direct contact with you, it’s possible you may have been exposed.”

Moore’s symptoms were initially somewhat mild, but became more severe.

“My symptoms originally were a cough. It was a really croupy cough, a lot of nasal congestion … some sweats. My body temperature was just kind of off, and then breathing, specifically after I would work out. It would take me sometimes up to 30 minutes to catch my breath back to a normal pace,” said Moore.

In the end, he never had a fever.

“Just because you don’t present a fever doesn’t mean that other symptoms don’t run the possibility of you having the coronavirus or COVID-19,” he said.

According to ABC10, Moore is one of several Sailors who were infected around San Diego.

While Moore remains quarantined at home, he urges people not to panic and to be alert.

“I’m told symptoms can get worse once you start to get better, so I’m looking out for that. The world is continuing to turn. I’m in quarantine. Everyone needs to inform themselves and stop panicking so much,” he said.

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