Sailor teaches class to fellow sailors about the benefits of “playing with yourself”

A Navy woman went into way too much detail during a classroom discussion about masturbation, going so far as to describe her sexual self-exploration phases as a minor.

Ariel Morgan described being fourteen and living in a “strict Christian household” when she first began feeling “tingles,” and chose to “explore,” using books belonging to her mother that she “had no business reading.”

“I would find the perfect page and keep re-reading it until, well, it hit the spot,” she said.

Standing before other uniformed personnel, the Sailor discussed the benefits of masturbation, and how bringing one’s self to orgasm could help them deal with stress.

Morgan then went on to cite masturbation as the best way to avoid kids, sexually transmitted diseases, and reduce stress.

Morgan posted several videos from the classroom event, including a speech on why attractiveness is relative.

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