Sailor smokes Marine in drunken push up contest during NYC fleet week

Screenshot from video below

As Fleet Week comes to an end, one US Marine left the Big Apple with egg on his face after losing a push-up contest with a Navy Sailor.

That is, if you could call them “pushups.”

US Navy Sailor identified -by his surname, Bannermen- was filmed by Kentucky native and Navy Engineer Jericho Cirrito as he participated in a push-up contest against a US Marine in NYC during Fleet Week.

More a contest of who could “do the worm” rather than a contest of real push-ups, the two were likely inebriated and as such, it was fortunate they could do push-ups at all.

The video has been viewed over 220,000 times since it was released on May 28.

More than 2,300 Marines and Sailors descended upon New York City during Fleet Week, which no doubt kept bartenders and New York’s Finest quite busy.

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