Sailor shows how impossible it is to follow “social distancing” regulation

A US Sailor was cautious not to break the six-foot distance rule set forth at an AAFES-sanctioned location, in hopes of curbing the spread of the Chinese Virus- and likely in hopes of avoiding contracting the illness himself.

Footage shared to Facebook shows the Sailor -standing all by himself in the sectioned off queue at a what appears to be an AAFES BX mall Burger King location- ordering a massive breakfast and having to raise his voice to be heard.

The camera then pans to a sign urging people to be six inch-feet away (6’’) from the counter.

The Sailor in question appears to be Chalee Jr., a self-styled comedian on social media.

“Air Force taking drastic precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” he wrote. “6 inch feet of space in between personnel. Yes, ‘6 inch feet.’”

It is unknown if the video was part of an act, but one thing is for certain- the Eggnormous Burrito he’s ordering is no “light meal.”

“Featuring a generous serving of thick-cut smoked bacon, lots of fluffy eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, golden hash browns, plus a creamy spicy sauce all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla,” Burger King’s website says of the meal.

The burrito in question has 780 calories, 42 grams of fat and has 1960 mg of sodium.

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