Sailor says Navy’s response to coronavirus was a “sh*t-show,” improper cleaning led to spread of virus on ship

The US Navy has a hygiene issue, and it is getting people sick while they’re aboard ships.

Now, one Sailor is letting everyone know that the Coronavirus outbreaks are due in part to the inability for the ships to be professionally cleaned.

The Sailor, who was familiar with the USS Coronado outbreak last month, claimed the Navy’s response to the matter was a “sh*t-show.”

“Everybody started getting sick,” he said. “I felt like the right thing to do was get everybody off the ship, test everybody whether they were sick or not. Then put the people who were fine on a barge next to the ship, bring on the people in HAZMAT suits and have the ship cleaned professionally.”

Unfortunately, the “cleaning” was a matter of giving Sailors bleach and telling them to wipe things down.

“It was 100 percent botched: The whole thing,” he told Raw Story. “The Navy always says its number one asset is its people? Not on Coronado.”

While the Coronado was one of the first ships to report Coronavirus infections, it certainly wasn’t the hardest-hit. The USS Theodore Roosevelt has over 200 cases and was effectively cold-shouldered by Navy brass until the matter was leaked to the media, and the USS Boxer’s command made questionable quarantine decisions.

While the US Navy scrambles to find a solution, one thing remains certain- the issues with pandemics are amplified aboard ships, and the olden days of excessive cleaning details may be making a comeback.

Until then, it is back to wiping things down with bleach and water.

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