Sailor says Navy forces “awkward situations” like walking in on two gay sailors

A US Navy veteran gave an awkward story about having a gay roommate, particularly the moment he walked in after his barracks buddy and a fellow Sailor from his unit had engaged in intimacy.

YouTuber Jtsuits (AKA, Justin) recounted how he had been assigned a temporary roommate while he was stationed in Japan, who was openly gay and an all-around nice guy.

That is, until he encountered something he wasn’t ready for.

Coming off a guard shift (which, due to a schedule mix-up, he didn’t even have to partake in), Justin opened his door to what he could only describe as “two heads” in the cramped, two-bed living space.

Giving his roommate a little space, Justin went into the shower to ponder his dilemma. Admitting that he wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable with the event had his barracks buddy been with a girl, he went through a moral crisis before finally deciding to just turn a blind eye.

Heading to his bed, Justin quickly fell asleep. The following day, however, he awoke to a knock on the door.

Answering the door, he discovered that the man who had been sleeping with his roommate had left his glasses behind, and needed to retrieve them. Furthermore, the man was from his unit, and was someone that no one likely suspected as gay.

“Crazy situation,” Justin said. “Interesting situation, to say the least.”

JTsuits has around 134,919 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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