Sailor says Navy colleagues support her “non-sexual” furry lifestyle

A female Navy Sailor continues to supply ammunition to people who make fun of the Navy, thanks to her “furry” penchant for dressing up like a dog in her spare time.

US Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman Jordan Jones is a Sailor by day but spends her time off dressing up like a husky and behaving like a dog, wearing a full-body costume that resembles an anthropomorphic, anime-like animal caricature.

Surprisingly, her bizarre “fursuits” have the support of both her husband and her shipmates.

“I saw a group of fursuiters in public once and I loved them,” she told the Daily Mail. “After that I researched more on where to buy one and found they are around three to five thousand dollars. Being only 18 at the time I couldn’t afford one and dropped the idea for a few years.”

Eventually, she constructed her own costume with only $400.

Stationed in California, Jone’s alter-ego, Aurora Bloom, has over 24,000 Instagram followers.

While Jones insists her furry lifestyle isn’t sexual, that hasn’t always been the case for the community she partakes in- earlier this month, a former US Army Private was convicted of slaying a furry couple in 2016 after he claimed they were sexually abusing a teen.

Still, Jordan has the full support of family, friends, and colleagues.

“My husband isn’t a furry at all but supports me in every aspect of it,” she said. “Everyone at my work does know about it too. They think it’s cool.”

Jordan hopes that people come to see beyond the sexual side of the furry lifestyle.

“The message I’d like to convey is that not all furries are only interested in the sexual fetish side of the fandom,” she said. “This is the stereotypical thought when people think of furries. Just like every community, there are many who partake in the sexual aspect, but many do not.”

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