Sailor reveals his secret to getting Marines to listen to him

Life aboard a ship can be tough- from the confines of the vessel itself to the mind-numbing routine, it’s not always easy to get things done, especially when Marines are on board.

However, one US Navy Corpsman found a unique way to get Marines to do as he requested, and it was a simple matter of endurance in many ways.

“I’m with the Marines as a Corpsman,” said YouTuber DwkVideos. “Getting them to do their medical readiness is hard as s**t.”

However, the Corpsman came up with a tried-and-true parenting method to wrangle Marines into doing what they need to do- simply outlast them in terms of availability.

If the Corpsman tells the Marine the shots are being delivered at 14:00, the Marine will simply say he cannot make it at 14:00. When that doesn’t do, the Corpsman shifts the time to 17:00. If the Marine can’t make room in his busy schedule, the Corpsman will generously push back shots to 22:00, just to ensure there is no way to get out of them.

“Yeah,” Dwk said. “I have nothing better to do.”

“I was doing a SHOTEX at 10 PM,” he added. “You’ll never see that unless you’re on a ship.”

In the words of many an NCO, “Keep playing games, I’ve got all day.”

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