Sailor has Navy cut her huge breasts because they smack her face during physical training

A US Navy sailor had a breast reduction in order to perform her duties better- and then decided to tell the internet about it.

Keeyonna Clark sought a reduction after she claimed it was too painful to work and do PT, stating that her breasts would often hit her or be uncomfortable while running and performing other tasks.

Requesting a reduction, according to Clark, is usually the opposite of what female Sailors request.

“How the females been tryin’ to get them tiddies done or whatever,” she said. “Like get they sh** bigger.”

Seeing medical professionals, she found that the process effectively forced her to complain “extra,” stating that back pain.

“My back hurt right now, n***a,” she reportedly told the doctor.

Waiting for her appointments, she eventually got a date set up and had to prepare for the surgery, which meant not eating, taking Ibuprofen.

“B**ch, I live on Ibuprofen,” she said. “You be trippin’.”

With her surgery being deemed medically necessary, the only thing she had to pay for was medical bras and other clothing.

Clark was based out of California at the time of the surgery.

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