Sailor charged with sexual harassment for asking girl if she wanted to get a room

A former US Navy Sailor learned the hard way about forging relationships in training, ultimately getting kicked out on sexual assault accusations for asking a girl if she wanted to get a room.

Former Sailor Alex Coronado claims had finished boot camp and was in training school when he caught the fancy of a female Sailor, whom he communicated with by text.

Not long after, he asked her if she wanted to get a hotel and have sex, she brushed him off.

“She was like, ‘Nah,’” he said in his video, which has 7,778 views.

Despite allegedly dropping the conversation, Coronado had a sexual harassment case filed against him.

“Tell me why she field a sexual harassment case against me,” he said.

Around a week later, his command called him into the office to inform him of the charge.

“I was like, ‘Bruh, are you deadass right now?’” he said.

“Deadass” they were, and Coronado was given a choice: Captain’s mask or court-martial. He chose the latter, considering it the “Supreme Court” of the military.

Later, Coronado got into an altercation with his supervisors, and walked out of the classroom.

With no job, he was assigned to cleaning duty.

The Navy was generous to Coronado and allowed him off-base liberty, which required military uniform and the buddy system.

Coronado, however, decided that he wanted to sneak off-base to impress a girl and drink, despite being under-age.

When the girl asked for a photo of the bottles of liquor he was consuming, he sent her a photo. The photo was later sent to his chain of command.

Despite messing up yet again, the Navy was pretty lenient on Coronado, and even offered him a general discharge.

Unsatisfied, he walked into the Captain’s office (a Captain in the Navy is an O-6) and showed him the proof that he committed no crime.

Coronado’s accuser was given restriction, he was cleared of charges and given a new MOS, doing IT in Pensacola, Florida.

While most people would take such a “clean slate” as a sign to straighten up and fly right, Coronado was seemingly unable to see such a sign, and got in trouble for underage drinking, breaking regulations and posting it all to social media.

Pulled into Captain’s Mast, the Navy finally had enough.

“Seaman Coronado, you’re a piece of shit,” the command reportedly said.

After sixty days in what he called “Navy Jail,” Coronado was given a general discharge under honorable conditions.

It is unknown if he is still making bad decisions.

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