Sailor calls out guy wearing ACU’s with Ranger tab in Casino

Stolen Valor at Casino

Max, an active duty Sailor, was at a casino when he spotted a man dressed as an Army Captain walking around with his cover on inside.  As anyone who is on active duty or has served knows, you only wear your cover inside if you are Military Police or are on guard duty.  Anyone in the army, let alone a Captain, would be familiar with this: “Soldiers will not wear headgear indoors unless under arms in an official capacity, or when directed by the commander, such as for indoor ceremonial activities” (Army Study Guide).

This is what Max had to say in his Facebook post: “This stolen valor F*$k was walking around as an army captain, ranger-tabbed the F*$k out…with a cover on in a casino. Bro do you even AR 670-1, then he flashed his old ass dependa ID. Said he went to Iraq to bring back dead bodies…”

To clarify for anyone who does not know what “dependa ID” means, dependa is short for dependent, meaning this man is a dependent of someone who serves.  Hypothetically, he could be wearing his wives’ uniform and slapped a Ranger tab on it.

We noticed that this super “high-speed Ranger” decided to put his flag on upside down too!  An Army private on day 1 of basic training knows how to wear the flag on his sleeve!

Upside Down Flag
Popular Military has not investigated this any further, but we can say that if this guy really is a Ranger he is setting a poor example if he has to be corrected by a Sailor who knows more about Army Regulation 670-1.   As long as the Army keeps a uniform that has velcro there will be cons out there slapping on patches like a “Mr. potato head” toy.


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