Sailor booted from Navy wants to kneel during anthem with BLM; says Trump depressed her but refused to take her meds

A US Navy Sailor and YouTuber was slated to be kicked out of the Navy due to a myriad of bizarre reasons- which include not wanting to get dirty, wanting to kneel in front of the flag and her dislike of the Commander in Chief.

YouTuber “Anii Cooper” claims she joined the Navy without “understanding the situation,” admitting that her motive was for educational incentives and other benefits.

“I thought, ‘Oh, the benefits are gonna be good,’ you know?” she said. “I’m getting up and getting out of New York, and I’ll be able to see the world, I’ll be able to make get my first apartment, a car.”

Cooper also admitted that she was politically motivated at the time. As a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, she was excited to join the military with former President Barack H. Obama at the helm.

“They told me that [the Navy] is not as hard, you know,” she said. “That Obama is the president, you know, we probably have a bomb president after that.”

However, when President Donald J. Trump took office, she no longer felt she could serve.

“That was not in the cards,” she said. “Now, it’s come to a point where I was in the Navy, I just started becoming very, very depressed.”

Growing depressed and suffering anxiety attacks, she soon realized she was a walking liability for the 44-helicopter squadron- especially since she admitted didn’t know how -or want to do- her job.

“I’m not mechanically inclined, I don’t like getting dirty,” she said. I couldn’t do my hair, I couldn’t do my makeup.”

In short, the Navy was toxic in the eyes of Cooper, who didn’t feel it was progressive enough for her tastes.

I’ve dealt with experiences, you know, that are very saddening when it comes to race and sexuality,” she said.

Cooper plans to go to school for television and radio, working on skills she had before the Navy.

“I’ve won more awards from the NAACP, from radio stations for being a young leader- a youth leader, so why am I putting myself in the predicament where I’m not doing that?” she said. “I’m not me turning wrenches, not helping the greater good…sending these helicopters of to war to fight in countries that we’re trying to steal from.”

“The more I thought about it,” she added, “The more I think about if it’s just like ‘What am I standing for?’ The fact that, with the Pledge of Allegiance, I wanted to take a knee sooo bad. The Star Spangled Banner? I want to take a knee sooo bad. But I can’t, because I have on a uniform that dictates who I am.”

Needless to say, the uniform put a dent in much of her activism that she had become accustomed to while, as they say in the military, “back on the block.”

“When it’s time for Black Lives Matter, I can’t go out there willy-nilly protesting because of the organization I’m a part of,” she said. “I can’t do that.”

Cooper sought psychiatric treatment and was given a choice: get treatment or get out. After deciding that she couldn’t take medication (being in favor of holistic herbs), she chose getting out.

Moving to Los Angeles, she began looking for work, claiming that her spirit was at peace and that she was going to become a model.

“Finding a job when you get out is not the easiest thing,” she said.

With over 1,700 subscribers, Cooper continues to make videos, including tutorials concerning how to get out of one’s military contract.

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