Sailor and her husband arrested for luring in thieves to beat with bats for YouTube videos

A US Navy Sailor and her husband were arrested in California last week after they reportedly lured thieves onto their property and attacked them with baseball bats.

Aviation Ordnance Airman Savannah L. Grillot and her spouse, Corey Curnutt, are believed to have carried out the attacks in order to make YouTube videos.

“In the videos, it appears as if the suspects planted a bicycle in the front yard of their residence, unsecured, and waited for someone to try and steal the bicycle,” police said. “Once someone tried to steal the bike, the suspects would rush from the house and assault the individual with a baseball bat.”

According to the Navy Times, around four people are believed to have been attacked.

Despite looking for fame, the couple found themselves facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.

Both individuals were released on a $50,000 bail on the same day of their arrest.

A crowdfunding campaign set up by a friend, Hannah Woo, claims the two were simply defending their property and that law enforcement had been less-than-helpful in the past when the family was stolen from.

“Their car window was busted in and money was stolen,” Woo wrote. “They had to spend hundreds of dollars to have it replaced. Then, they had their son’s bike and their expensive power tools stolen from their home. Law enforcement was contacted and reports were filed but nothing was done, no one was arrested for trespassing and burglary. They were told nothing could be done to help them.”

Curnutt claims the two were tipped off by an older woman, one who sought revenge after he spurned her sexual advances.

“She is the same age [as] my mom, married for 20+ years that made several passes at me coming all the way to sending random nudes,” he said. “I told Savannah about that and she confronted her and told her husband.”

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