Russians and Turks caught running man over during protest

A Turkish and Russian military convoy pushing into Syria killed a man after he attempted to stop them from entering his village- and gassed the surviving villagers in order to disperse any potential resistance.

Armed with rocks, the residents of the northeastern village expressed their displeasure towards the Russo-Turkish convoy by pelting the vehicles with rocks and climbing on the trucks to shout at the crews.

As the convoy began an aggressive push, one man was run over a truck as he attempted to climb aboard, mortally wounding him.

According to video and Twitter messages posted by Sky News reporter Mark Stone, the villager later died of his injuries and the convoy began launching tear gas to scatter the mob.

Video recorded from the incident shows armored trucks equipped with counter-IED electronics, blue flashing lights, sirens and pintle-mounted machine guns.

The trucks rolled on past the wounded and dead, as villagers mourned the loss of the deceased and treated the gassed with water.

The Turkish and Russian presence in Syria has been less-than-welcome by many locals, and American envoys to the region are urging for a return of the US military to once again intervene in the conflict.

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