Russian spy ship sinks in Black Sea after colliding with African ship carrying livestock

The Russian spy ship Liman, which sank on 27 April after hitting a freighter. (Photo: Turkish Navy)

A Russian spy ship of the Black Sea Fleet has sunk off the coast of Turkey earlier this morning after colliding with a freighter full of livestock, local authorities state.

The Russian spy vessel Liman collided with the Togo-flagged freighter Youzarsif H , which was carrying live animals near the city of Kilyos.

While state-run Russian news had initially reported that the crews were working on keeping the 1970s-era ship afloat, the Turkish coastal authority confirmed that all 78 Russian Navy crewmembers were evacuated and the ship sank to the bottom of the Black Sea shortly after being struck.

The freighter only sustained minor damage, according to the BBC.

Built in Poland during the Cold War, the Liman was based out of  Russian-annexed Crimea. While mostly unarmed, the ship is equipped with radar, hydroacoustics and other equipment used to track surface ships and submarines. It is unknown at this time if the Russian Navy plans on salvaging their now-submerged equipment.

Although the cause of the collision is unknown, fog was reported in the area.



  • Andy Wolf

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