Russian soldier throws away grenades dropped on him with a drone before they detonate

Screenshot from video below

Update: As Russia continues to use Iranian attack drones in Ukraine, footage has emerged of a commercial drone being used against a Russian soldier.

The drone purportedly captured an attack on an injured Russian soldier hiding in a trench.

The video shows grenades falling from the drone and landing on the soldier. In the first strike, one grenade hit his back but failed to detonate.

The soldier grabbed the grenade and tossed it away.

The second grenade fell near his hands and he was able to toss it before it exploded a few meters away.

A third grenade landed a few meters away from the soldier and exploded.

The time a location of where the video occurred is unknown.

Nov. 6 — During the course of the day, Iranian attack drones were again used by the Russian side, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

“There were launches, but unfortunately also hits,” he said. He said it was apparent that the “terrorist state,” as he called Russia, was concentrating forces and resources for new mass attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Nearly 4.5 million Ukrainians were already suffering from power cuts, he said. “We are preparing to respond,” Zelensky said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly targeted infrastructure in Ukraine with bombs, including in the capital Kiev. Whole districts have no light for hours at a time.

According to international humanitarian law, “all possible measures” must actually be taken to protect the lives of civilians as well as basic infrastructure such as power plants or water supplies.

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