Russian soldier threatens to level Ukrainian city while holding grenades

Screenshot from video below

A Russian soldier and Ukrainian mayor drew proverbial parallel lines in the sand, with the former entering the latter’s city with two grenades in his hands as he demanded surrender.

The showdown took place in Konotop, a city of 84,787 that is also home to a Ukrainian Air Force base.

The soldier entering the city had a grenade in each hand, presumably as a way to secure his safety and prevent from being captured.

Upon meeting with the mayor, the soldier offered an ultimatum- surrender the city or be shelled into submission.

The soldier was jeered by Ukrainians at the city council building, who did not approve of the “deal.”

“They offered us a choice: either we surrender, or they destroy the place with their artillery,” said Konotop’s mayor, Artem Semenikhin.

Newsweek reported that Semenikhin sent the soldier on his way.

“Who is for standing up and fighting?” Semenikhin said to his people, responding that they were itching for a fight. “We need to decide now, because their missiles are aimed at us.”

It is unknown what the fate of the town will be in the end, though Russian escalation in other parts of the country appears to be a bad omen.

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