Russian military harasses US soldiers on video in Syria

There are certain things we’ve come to expect in 2020- grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines, and the US and Russian militaries practice road rage in Syria.

In a recent video posted to Twitter, the US and Russian forces confront each other over a matter of the US allegedly “following” a Russian special operations convoy, despite most video footage simply showing the US and Russian vehicles rippin’ tail across the vast desert landscape a la “Mad Max.”

“Relay to his General that Russia strongly asks to stop chasing them,” one Russian said.

Former US envoy Brett McGurk took a moment to turn the incident into an opportunity to criticize the Commander in Chief for pulling large numbers of troops out of Syria.

“Trump plays golf as US forces in Syria now on a daily basis confront Russians thanks to his impetuous decision to abandon 2/3 of once-stable ground to Putin and Erdogan,” McGurk tweeted. “Mr. President: Pick up the phone and tell Putin to stop harassing our troops.”

Task & Purpose reported that the US is looking into the matter, with Operation Inherent Resolve Spokesman Army Col. Myles Caggins vowing to keep the public updated on the incident.

“The encounters happen a few times each month and, thus far, have been resolved without escalation,” Colonel Caggins said.

Other videos surface on a regular basis, but US forces reportedly make attempts to ensure that the encounters with their Russian counterparts remain non-violent in nature.

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