Russian military allegedly created a ‘psychological warfare show’ featuring Ukrainian soldiers’ wives cheating

A new video purports to show how Russia taunted Ukrainian soldiers on December 6th -The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian military allegedly broadcasted a “psychological warfare show” to inform the opposing soldiers their girlfriends and wives had been cheating on them back home.

The video was reposted by Dom Lucre, a military veteran journalist who claims to be a “breaker of narratives.”

“DEVELOPING: The Russian military allegedly created this ‘psychological warfare show’ for the Armed Forces of Ukraine during their memorial day on December 6,” he wrote on X.

The video begins with a laser-projected image of a soldier saluting and then changes to a woman’s face followed by a congratulations of Armed Forces Day.

The projection then featured a woman on her knees performing an act on a man with the following caption:

“The mouth of your Oxana is busy. She will not congratulate you. Greetings from the Russian Army.”

The alleged message created by Russia was intended to insult and demoralize Ukrainian troops in their sacred day.

Ukrainian President Zelensky honored the troops lost during the war against the Russian invaders by visiting the Wall of Remembrance.

“All those who continue to defend the state. And all those who gave their lives not to give up Ukraine. And right now I am heading to the Wall of Remembrance,” President Zelensky said during his remarks on The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Many people know where it is, many have been there. And for those who haven’t been yet, it’s worth going. To see the faces of our heroes. To look into their eyes. And just be silent. And in that silence, to reflect. To remember. To comprehend. To compare this morning with the morning 651 days ago. How loud it was. And how fearful it was for many. But fear was defeated. And now everyone has heard about us. How tough it was back then, but now we’re not ashamed.”

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