Russian commander might be sent to front lines after leaked video

A Russian military commander is reportedly facing the possibility of a steep punishment after he photographed himself standing naked next to a bed with two unclothed women.

The unnamed officer may find himself at the front lines in Ukraine, which is reportedly a common punishment now under the Putin regime.

The man reportedly asked for some time off from his duties but did not specify why.

The officer reportedly teaches at a military academy, and his conduct has landed him in hot water.

According to The Mirror, the instructor is a subordinate of Denis Valeryevich, who is known for overseeing two Russian state-run news sites, which have frequently been flagged for misinformation.

The video of him jokingly requesting for time off to naked ladies lie on the bed behind him has gone viral in Russia, and has surely sealed his fate.

“Please allow me to report late for duty tomorrow by lunch time, so I can grab a bit of sleep,” he said in the video. “Brother, let me sleep for a bit, I am on duty tomorrow, and everything will be fine tomorrow. Brother, I know you’ll give me time off.”

“Please, Denis!” one woman chimed in.

“As a result of the video he is threatened with being sent to the [war],” reported news agency Baza.

The young officer reportedly serves as a deputy platoon commander at one of Russia’s combined arms schools.

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