Russian aircraft shot down in ‘air battle’ near Kyiv

Source: Twitter

Several Russian aircraft have reportedly been downed near the capital city of Kyiv in recent days, according to the Ukrainian Air Force.

The report, which broke on Tuesday evening in the besieged nation, claims that another Russian aircraft was taken down.

“At 21:10, the second enemy plane was shot down in an air battle near the city [Kyiv],” Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny posted on Facebook.

Just shy of an hour prior, the Ukrainians claimed a victory over another aircraft.

According to UkrInform, the Ukrainian government claims they have downed 47 planes and 68 helicopters since the February 24th invasion.

Elsewhere on the net, video has surfaced of what is reported to have been a Russian aircraft being plucked from the sky during night operations.

“One more bird of invaders won’t fly anymore! A #Russian fighter jet has just been shot down by #Ukrainian air defenses near #Kyiv,” VigilantInfo tweeted alongside the video, which appears to belong to “Maks Levin.”

Given the number of recent videos which have turned out to be from other conflicts [or even from video games], the video’s authenticity cannot be confirmed at this time.

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