Russia sends models and social media influencers dressed as nurses to Ukraine in propaganda bid

A cadre of Russian women are being lauded by state-run media out of Moscow, dubbed the “Sisters of Victory.”

The group was recently photographed in Eastern Ukraine amid Russian tanks and troops.

Dressed in antiquated nurse outfits, the volunteer force then took a break from improving front line morale to make a reasonably well-produced video singing glory to their nation.

The lyrics of the video, shared on social media, are as follows:

On this Earth,

there’s a large country
Beautiful and strong-spirited
Rich in resources and expansive lands


Be glorious my dear,
Remembering heroes for centuries
Holy lands
Victorious May


Here, dignity and honor were preserved
Here, courageous acts are countless
Here, the peaceful sky overhead
Had a high price
Here I was born
Here I will be useful
If needed, I will give my life for


For white groves
For beloved home
And everyone who will be in it.”

Many of the Sisters claim they have much to lose.

“My fiancé is fighting. He proposed just before leaving,” she said. “He went as a volunteer. In 2014, we decided that we will never leave our motherland. Him there, me here. So, we are helping our motherland, our republic, and our brotherly state Russia.”

According to Atlas News, many have denounced the Sisters as blatant agents or propaganda, noting their sporting of the “Z” marking that has become synonymous with support for Russian forces in Ukraine.

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