Russia bombs hospital after Ukrainian influencer posts give away its position

A Ukrainian influencer has come under scrutiny for revealing the location of a hospital in an attempt to raise money- only for the Russians to attack the hospital.

Anna Alkhim, who has 600,000 followers on Instagram, mentioned a military field hospital in Dnipro and stated many wounded Ukrainian troops were there.

Mere hours after her Thursday post, the Russians unleashed a missile strike, causing a considerable amount of casualties.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack as a crime against humanity.

“Only an evil state can fight against clinics,” he said. “There can be no military purpose in this. It is pure Russian terror.”

Despite Russia being the one who fired the missiles, Alkhim has since been publicly denounced for her lack of OPSEC discipline.

“Firstly, I made a publication yesterday, because half of the inhabitants of Dnipro had it,” she wrote in response to the criticism. “And let me remind you that I am one of the few influencers who fills her stories and feed with publications about the war.”

“I have volunteered and supported Ukraine from the first days of the war,” she continued. “But you don’t give a f*** about it, because you need to post me on your stupid channels.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Instagram-guided missile killed four people and wounded 30 others, including two boys under the age of seven.

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