Royal sailor accused of stabbing after Marines threw urine on him

The Union Rooms pub
The Union Rooms pub

A British Royal Navy sailor is on trial for hitting a Royal Marine with a glass after a group of Marines threw urine on him in a pub toilet.

According to the Plymouth Herald, 26-year-old Steven Weir is on trial at Plymouth Crown Court after assaulting Royal Marine Louis Karvosky with a pint glass, resulting in Karvosky suffering permanent scarring which required 32 stitches and plastic surgery.

Weir, who admits he was drunk, said he was using the urinal when he felt his legs getting splashed with urine from behind. When he turned around, he found around six Royal Marines laughing at him.

“They said ‘Ha ha, you have just been swamped’,” Weir said. “I was just more embarrassed than anything.”

Weir said that the Marines later offered to buy him a drink, but then drank it in front of them. Later, Karvosky kept grabbing him on the dance floor.

When asked why he struck Karvosky with a glass, he said that he feared for his life.

“Because I feared I would be attacked if I did not react instinctively,” he said. “It was not until afterwards that I realized the glass had been used. It was purely instinctive.”

Weir escaped the pub as he was swarmed by Marines and pub-goers, though he was later assaulted outside.

According to court records, one person told Weir “You are dead, mate”, and another said that “You cannot glass a bootneck (Royal Marine).”

The trial has been adjourned until next week.

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