Royal Marine being court martialed for waterboarding new recruit in pool of urine

Royal Marine Ian Tennet

A court martial hearing has revealed that a Royal Marine recruit was subjected to being forced into lying in a pool of urine and vomit before being waterboarded as part of an initiation ritual.

According to the Mirror, Carlo Nicholson was forced to fight other Marines while naked, covered in cooking oil and eating dog food.

Nicholson’s supervisor Ian Tenet and former Marine Ryan Logan are standing trial at Portsmouth military court over allegations of abuse after Nicholson joined the 45 Commando Marines unit in Arbroath, Scotland.

According to court documents, Nicholson was required to run naked around the camp, as well as eating lard and spoons of cinnamon, chilli and curry powder.

Prosecutor Captain Alison Towler said that “The prosecution’s case is that the initiation was organized and, to an extent, structured. The initiation included drinking games and activities that the marines had to take part in. Those who came last during the stances were subjected to forfeits which including beatings.”

Nicholson failed to place during the competitions and was subjected to beating, abuse and waterboarding in front of around 150 people.

Captain Towler says that the recruits were placed in a room and forced to guzzle alcohol. Since Nicholson did not drink, he was given milk.

“They were told to drink as much as possible, and they could, if they needed to urinate or vomit they would have to do it in buckets provided in that drying room,” Towler said.

The court was then informed that Nicholson was forced to swim in a kiddie pool of the urine and vomit as other Marines threw eggs at him.

The trial is ongoing, though Tennet has been charged with “ill treatment of a subordinate” and Logan faces three counts of battery, one of assault and disgraceful conduct.

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