ROTC Cadet wathces male student from beating a girl

On May 5th at Northwest Community High School in Indianapolis, Indiana three fights broke.  In one of the fights, captured in this video, a male student holds a female student hair while he beats her.

A teacher can be seen observing the fight, but takes to physical action to stop it.  The fight was also observed by an ROTC cadet, who can be seen stepping in to pull off the male student after a few female students intervened.

In a statement about the fight, Indianapolis Public Schools said: “Northwest Community High School protocol calls for staff members to diffuse the situation verbally, then signal for support from administration and school police. … Indianapolis Public Schools’ lead administrators are investigating today’s situation at Northwest to ensure our students are served in the best possible ways.”

IPS teachers’ union said they don’t want to put teachers at risk of harm.

 “We’re not going to get in the middle of fights. That’s not what we’re here for,” said Rhondalyn Cornett, president of the Indianapolis Education Association. “We’re here to educate the students. We do what we can to keep everybody safe, because that’s our job, too — we understand that — but I’m not going to ask people to injure themselves and put themselves in harm’s way for a fight.”

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